Which type of service would suit me better, Deep or General Cleaning?

AG Easy Cleaning provides two packages: Deep and General Cleaning Services. We do advise new customers to choose deep cleaning as it is covers areas which are not traditionally covered by a regular service. After that our team will be able to maintain the cleanliness and freshness of the place. General cleaning is usually done on a daily or weekly basis.

Still not sure? Check what is involved in each service.


As the name suggests, is a basic cleaning of the house. The service provided will follow high standards, using the best products available in the market. It is faster and cheaper than a Deep Cleaning but does not include too much attention to hidden or high places.

A General Cleaning involves:

  • Changing bedsheets
  • Deodorizing and cleaning of toilets, tubs, sinks, showers, etc.
  • Gentle wiping down of cabinets, countertops and appliances in the kitchen
  • Empty sink and load up dishwasher
  • Dusting the furniture, skirting boards, etc.
  • Vacuuming and mopping all floor surfaces


This type of service is about paying attention to the smallest details, giving to the whole place a thorough shakedown.

A Deep Cleaning involves:

– In the rooms and living rooms:

  • changing the bedsheets
  • hoovering and dusting under the furniture
  • high dusting
  • removing blackmarks from the walls
  • wiping down blinds on both sides
  • dusting inside of wardrobes (if empty)
  • washing windows (inside and out, if possible)

– In the kitchen:

  • getting out nasty, tough stains on the chimney, cabinets, sinks, appliances
  • extensive dusting
  • cleaning inside ovens and refrigerators
  • dusting inside of cupboards (If empty)

– In the bathrooms:

  • Heavy cleaning, from the top to the bottom
  • Descaling and scrubbing showers, taps, tiles, mirrors, skirtings, etc.

– Dusting, hoovering and mopping the whole house